News March 2023

Hello everyone! March was a month full with activities and meetings.

On March the 1st I had an online meeting with the Rotary Club Stockholm Global City, since I am a Rotarian.

The incoming president of the club and my friend Darina Schartman held a presentation about sustainable & innovative leadership. Below is a photo.

On March the 6th I had an ambassador training online with Hjärnkoll Stockholm. It was an educational training that was in three days, between the dates 6th to 8th of March. Later on the 20th of March I completed the ambassador training and officially became the ambassador for Hjärnkoll Stockholm. Below is a photo.

A photo of other incoming ambassadors and I during the online training.

Later on March the 21st there was an ambassador meeting online. My very first meeting after the completed training. Below is a photo.

A photo of other ambassadors and I during an online meeting.

On March the 10th Michael Bublé had a concert at Avicii Arena in Stockholm, Sweden. I went to the concert together with mother. Below are some photos and videos.

A photo of Mother and I.

A photo of the stage and the audience.

A photo of Michael Bublé himself performing.

A video of Michael Bublé performing the song Sway.

A video of Michael Bublé’s very last performance for the evening of his concert.

On March the 11th Rotary District 2350 had an annual spring meeting at Odd Fellow-huset in Stockholm, Sweden. After the annual meeting I attended PETS. Below are some photos.

A photo of the Rotarians who attended, including I.

On March the 15th I had an a regular meeting with my Rotary Club, Stockholm Global City. We visited Impact Hub Stockholm and the CEO, and RYLA alumni Gabriela Rodriguez told us about the work they do. I was there together another RYLA alumni and Rotarian Monika Lionaite. Both Gabriela, Monika and I participated on the same RYLA last year, 2022, as you can see on the previous post for September 2022. You can also see the previous post for October 2022 when I visited Impact Hub Stockholm. Below is a photo.

A photo of Gabriela Rodriguez CEO of Impact Hub Stockholm, Monika Lionaite and I.

On March the 16th Rotarian and my friend Katrin Georges held a speech about Achieving holistic health at the Rotary Club Stockholm International. Below are some photos.

A photo of Katrin Georges’s introduction to her presentation.

A photo of Katrin Georges having her presentation.

On March the 18th to 19th the federation Autism Sverige had a school and autism advocacy meeting at Scandic Alvik. Since I am an autism advocate for the federation I participated in the meeting. Below are some photos and a video.

A photo of everyone listening to a presentation held by Stockholm University.

A photo of the presentation held by Stockholm University.

A photo of the rollup with the logo of Autism Sverige.

A photo of the presentation of the task that the autism advocates did on the meeting.

A photo of a selfie at the hotel room. This was before the dinner in the evening.

A video of the dining room for the dinner of the evening.

On March the 29th I was interviewed by Autism Sverige on a webinar about being a legal adult with autism. The video will be published on the site. You can read more about Autism Sverige on the link below.

I also had a regular meeting with my Rotary Club, Stockholm Global City and the Rotary Peace Fellow Joseph Augustine held his presentation From Lemon To Lemonade during the meeting. I’ve heard it earlier and it is one of the most inspirational presentations. It was a hybrid meeting and I participated online. Below is a photo.

A photo of Rotarians, together with Rotary Peace Fellow Joseph Augustine, who participated in person and online, including I.

Stay safe and take care!