News October 2022

Hello everyone! Here are the news for October 2022!

Let’s begin with when I went to one of the friday finales of the Swedish IDOL 2022 to watch two friends, Sebastian Rydgren and Klara Almström, perform. Below are some photos of the wonderful evening.

The sign I made for when cheering on Sebastian and Klara.

The Swedish IDOL studio, located at NEP Studios Sweden in Spånga, Sweden.

A video of Klara Almström performing Forever Young by Alphaville on IDOL 2022.

A video of Sebastian Rydgren performing Strong Enough by Cher on IDOL 2022.

On the 8th of October I was invited to the Rotaract conference Nordact 2022, by the club Rotaract Club Stockholm Djurgården. The conference was held at M/S Borgila in Söder Mälarstrand, Stockholm, Sweden. Below are some photos of the conference.

A photo of Dr. Hunter Hustus, an independent consultant on international affairs and strategic security issues, especially those related to nuclear weapons. He was one of many others who gave a presentation about his work. Very interesting!

A conference group photo.

A photo of the museum Nobel Prize Museum, located at Gamla stan, Stockholm, Sweden. The photo was taken during the Nordic Challenge, an assignment meant for to co-work together.

Later on the evening there was a Gala Dinner and Afterparty, located on the same place as the conference. Below are some photos of the wild but fabulous evening.

A photo of Amina Agović and I. Amina Agović is a scientist, a passionate community and youth worker and a researcher. Also a Rotarian and one of the guests from my podcast. 😀

A Gala Dinner group photo of Rotaractors and other Rotarians who were invited.

Gala Dinner group photo part 2.

A video of the afterparty during very late.

On October the 11th there was a network event at the office hotel Impact Hub, located at Jakobsbergsgatan 22, Stockholm, Sweden. The event is called Impact Day. I was invited by a friend. You can read more about them on the link below.

Many company owners held presentations during the network event.

A photo of a sign of the Impact Hub logo when entering the office.

On October the 12th it was time for a meeting with the best club ever, Rotary Stockholm Global City. In this meeting we got to meet Felicia Margineanu, a social entrepreneur. She has a photo exhibition at Kulturhuset, Sergels torg in Stockholm, Sweden. A project titled Canon Young People together with young people from Mentor Sweden, an association created by HM Queen Silvia. The queen of Sweden. There is still time for you to have a look at the exhibition until the 30th of November 2022. Below are some photos of the exhibition and meeting.

A photo of Felicia Margineanu together with one of the photographers of this project, Michelle Marinkovic.

A photo of the photographer Michelle Marinkovic telling the story behind her photography.

A group photo together with the social entrepreneur Felicia Margineanu and other Rotarians. On the photo you can also see Oskar Andermo, Darina Schartman and Amina Agović, guests from my podcast. 🙂

On October the 15th Rotary District 2350 held a conference. I attended the district conference together with other Rotarians and spoke about the Rotary International Leadership Training that I attended this year, between the dates 2nd to 4th of September 2022, in Poland, Gdańsk. I also attended the district party later during the evening. Below are some photos of the district conference.

A photo of District Governor for the years 2022-2023 Peter Moberg welcoming everyone to the conference.

A photo of other Rotarians in the audience, especially Oskar Andermo and I.

Many presentations were held during the district conference. As an example, here is a photo about membership engagement.

During the district conference there were breaks. On the breaks you could catchup and mingle with others. There was many stands that showcased the work of other Rotary clubs. I was on one of the stand for The International Leadership Training Program, RYLA and represented it since I participated on the training that took place this year. Here is a photo of Kristofer Erlandsson, Director of RYLA and I.

A photo of the annual meeting for the year 2022, that was held during the district conference.

Here I am in front of a Rotary rollup.

Some music was played during the district conference. Here is a photo of a orchestra of violinists.

A video of the orchestra of violinists.

Later during the evening there was a district party. Below is a video of the party.

On October the 18th a friend and a guest from my podcast, Oskar Andermo, held a speech about Strategic Tech Coaching. He held the speech for the social club FFC 120 y/o, (Fitness And Finance Club 120 Years Young And Old). Below is a photo of the event that took place at Asahi Fondue & Grill in Hötorget, Stockholm, Sweden.

A photo of the presentation logo.

Between the dates 22nd to 26th of October I was in Cyprus for a work conference. I visited both the north and south side. A very beautiful country. Below are some photos and videos.

A photo of the view of Larnaca.

A video of the view of Larnaca.

A photo of the old preserved town Famagusta.

A photo of Famagusta Beach.

A video of Famagusta Beach.

A photo of the restaurant and beach club Pera in Mackenzie.

Cheers! Enjoying a tropical drink, Piña Colada.

After the trip I took a dip in the beach near the hotel I stayed at. The name of the hotel is Club Di Mare located in Yeni Erenköy.

Later during the evening Club Di Mare let me perform. On the video I am singing a cover of the song Life by the music artist Des’ree. A 90s banger!

A photo from the Ayios Trias Basilica.

A photo of the Ayios Trias Basilica sign.

A photo of a donkey.

A photo at the harbour in Girne, (Kyrenia).

Later in the evening I went to a beautiful restaurant for some good food, the same restaurant that the president of Northern Cyprus Ersin Tatar happened to be at as well. Got to meet him. Above is a photo of Ersin Tatar.

On October the 29th the president of Rotary International Jennifer Jones visited Uppsala, Sweden. There was a conference and presentations were held about the work that Rotary District 2350 does at Uppsala University. Later during the evening there was a dinner at Villa Anna a hotel and restaurant in Uppsala. Below are some photos the wonderful evening.

My friend and the director of RYLA Kristofer Erlandsson got to give a presentation about the Rotary Leadership Training. I got to later tell the audience and other Rotarians my experience of the training that I attended this year.

A photo of the Swedish botanist Carl Von Linné at Uppsala University. Well almost. 🙂

A photo of the president of Rotary International Jennifer Jones and I at Villa Anna in Uppsala, Sweden.

Stay safe and take care!