News September 2023

Hello everyone!

September was a month with many gatherings and meetings.

On the 23rd to 24th of September I was at the federal council meeting that took place at Clarion Hotel Stockholm in Skanstull, Stockholm, Sweden hosted by Autism Sweden. I represented one of the Autism Advocates and the association Autism Stockholm County that I am on the board for. Below are some photos and videos.

A photo of the presentation for the federal council meeting.

A photo of the nameplate that each attendee had.

A photo of the room where I got interviewed as one of the Autism Advocates.

A video of the hotel room I checked in at.

A photo of the main course at dinner.

A photo of the lecturer Joanna Halvardsson and I at dinner.

A photo of the dessert.

A video of some cars passing the bridge Skanstullsbron.

A photo of one of the federal board members of Autism Sweden Navid Ghannad thanking one of the past board members Sven-Olov Dahlgren of the education centre RFA Utbildningscenter Autism for his work.

Stay safe and take care!