News January 2023

Hello everyone! Here is the very first post of 2023!

January was a month full with meetings and much more.

January the 18th I had one of the regular meetings together with Stockholm Global City Rotary Club. One of the Rotarians and my friend Katrin Georges held a presentation online about Holistic Health since she works in that field and has her own business. Below is a photo of the digital meeting.

January the 21st I was in an education about international functional rights. The organization MyRight held an education day about that. Many other associations and organizations were also there. Below are some photos of the day.

If you want to know more about MyRight and their work you can click on the link below.

January the 26th my Rotary brother Oskar Andermo held a speech about Culture Competence for The Rotary Club Of Stockholm International. Below are some photos of the presentation.

A photo of Oskar Andermo giving his presentation.

Want to know more about Oskar and the work he does? Click on the links below!

January the 27th I watched the musical The Bodyguard played wonderfully by the artist Nadja Kasanesh. I recommend this musical! It is a classic. Below is a photo.

A photo of The Bodyguard logo at The China Theatre, (China Teatern), in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stay safe and take care!