News June 2022

Here are the news for this month!

Listen to the podcast Society and Stuff with JOSEF ICEMEN on Spotify!

Josef Icemen has now a podcast. It is available on Spotify for you to listen. The name is Society and Stuff with JOSEF ICEMEN! He started it recently and came up with the idea since he lecture about Autism. On the podcast he discusses various topics related to society together with various guests that he interviews. On each episode you can vote for the topic you think he should discuss the next time. If you don’t find an interesting topic on the poll, you can write a reply on the question about which topic you think he should discuss and it will be brought up on the poll the next time.

He says “It is very important to bring up the injustice in the world. Do not be afraid to speak up!”

Josef Icemen giving a lecture about Autism to the staff and management at Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset in April 2022. One of the many reasons where he got the idea from.